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A Unique Philosophy and Approach to Dining

Compassionate Cuisine

We understand the human desire for favorite foods and the physiological need for nutrition and hydration. It’s an important part of our social being and daily life. We have worked to design a philosophy and approach to dining that is able to adjust throughout the day to meet the many differing needs of each resident and serve food when they are ready to eat.

Welbrook dining room set up
Welbrook Dining room

Why did we create Compassionate Cuisine?

Alzheimer’s and other related dementias can create a unique set of challenges to a successful daily dining experience. You may notice that
your loved one is missing meals and or may be losing weight. Perhaps they are now having difficulty concentrating for an entire meal or they are using a fork and knife incorrectly. We understand these challenges and our dining techniques realistically address them and promote a successful experience.

How do we achieve this dining experience?

An understanding of each resident and their favorite foods to create
an exciting and appealing menu.

Handheld snacks and hydration offered consistently throughout the day.

A calm dining atmosphere that promotes concentration.


A commitment to serve and present diet modifications with dignity.