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We Create Meaningful Moments Every Day

What is the Meaningful Moments Program?

The Meaningful Moments Program is a complete-person approach to care and engagement driven by Welbrook’s mission to find joy and light in even the most challenging of situations. Despite the hardships that accompany dementia, we can still find meaningful moments every single day. This program goes above and beyond a generic activity calendar and focuses on engaging the individual in a purposeful way.

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Wellbrook Yuvonne in front of the lovely lotus Flower

Why Did We Create Meaningful Moments?

We wanted to create a realistic and personal program that allows each resident to feel valued, successful, peaceful, and loved. The foundation of the program is understanding each individual resident. They have different likes, dislikes, abilities, and goals. We need a program that reflects and celebrates these differences, not a one-size fits all mold.

How Do We Make It Successful?

  •  We take the time to learn about each resident’s past and present to create more individualized programming and care.
  • Parallel Programming allows residents with differing needs and abilities to partake in activities that foster a feeling of success.
  • The Sagely phone app. keeps you connected with your loved one’s daily engagement schedule.
  • To ensure our methods are cutting edge our programs are researched based and our staff training incorporates lessons learned from national certification programs, such as the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.


Project Mosaic

Socialization and engagement are among the most successful defenses against rapid cognitive decline. With that in mind, Welbrook has created Project Mosaic.

This social program was developed with the assistance of certified dementia practitioners to combat Mild Cognitive Impairment and the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Residents in Project Mosaic enjoy outings with walking groups around Santa Monica and to restaurants, in addition to locations such as the Getty Villa and the Flying Museum.

In order to accommodate the active seniors’ evolving needs, the program comes to them. This prevents residents from having to travel back and forth between buildings and apartments.

Sagely - Meaningful Moments

Stay connected to your loved one’s social calendar with Sagely. This app downloads right to your phone so you can see each program your loved one participated in for the day, giving you peace of mind that they are engaged and thriving. 

Meaningful Moments
Brian enjoying some fresh air and tunes with eversound
Eversound Meaningful Moments

With our new Eversound technology, we can connect with each resident like never before. Eversound allows those residents with hearing impairment, noise sensitivity, or difficulty communicating to participate in all available programming with ease. Families can also use the products to better communicate with loved ones when visiting.