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Meaningful Moments Memory Care Programs

“Welbrook’s Meaningful Moments Program provides supportive engagement, so each resident feels successful in finding purpose and joy.”

It’s not often that a luxury facility has the opportunity and standards to be an All Memory Care community. All Memory Care communities offer individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia the opportunity for assisted living, but Welbrook Senior Living focuses on maintaining the dignity and respect to our elders going through this.

Most memory care communities don’t offer this type of care and often only care for the physical needs of older adults. Welbrook is able to provide support as well as quality memory care programs.

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Meaningful Moments

Life isn’t just about the physical requirements to stay generally healthy. Living is more about how we feel about what matters to us and about our circumstances. For many individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, cognitive changes make it difficult for caregivers to really stimulate their daily living safe activities. A caregiver outside of assisted living facilities can often become overwhelmed and see their own health decrease trying to meet the unique needs by themselves.

Changes in function and then in treatment can be very infantizing and frustrating. Welbrook has created a program specifically to be person-centered and individualized whether in the early stages or late stages of dementia. The care provided helps both caregivers and residents have a higher level of care and a better focus on one another as people, not caregiver and patient.


Our Parallel Programming ensures that each resident can participate successfully in a program meant for them. It is important to provide purpose to each resident and their own feeling about their life. Our memory care program is focused on this in all the ways we could find.


The staff at Welbrook receive professional training through licensed medical professionals’ instruction using national certification programs. So, we can help you navigate the challenges that accompany Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


Utilizing apps that are specifically designed for the community around memory loss is vital. Welbrook utilizes the Sagely app to engage families in the way their loved one is treated. Families and former caregivers can see how we provide services at our facility and see the everyday activities their family members are participating in.

Helping Functionality

Individuals in a memory care facility are going through a traumatic and difficult time, because their Alzheimer’s and dementia is not something that can be cured. To combat this, we have a luxury and state-of-the-art community, but we also ensure memory care residents have socialization and help to slow and soften the difficulty of its progression. Our focus on providing for levels of cognitive function helps residents have a level of functionality they can be appreciate without feeling infantized.

Welbrook also understands the particulars of Alzheimer’s and dementia’s other forms and provides the help residents need for this. Because all residents have a diagnosis of dementia, we do not expect them to follow a daily program on their own. We cue and remind them throughout their days and nights to know what they are in need of and how to handle it.

Many people with this tend to “self-isolate” so we constantly encourage them to have social interaction, especially with individuals in their own situation.

man in wheelchair by himself in medical care


Because of our parallel programming, we have a variety of options in activities to help our residents to be able to thrive in long-term care. We keep a schedule of options our residents can participate in to help them be involved.

We ensure these activities focus on treating residents with respect and understanding that their changes in ability don’t change their status as our elders and as valued people.


Especially for individuals who still maintain higher levels of cognition, we are able to have outdoor time and even outings. For some individuals, this includes things like going to a museum or gallery. Others stay at the center where enclosed courtyards can ensure they get physical activity without the worry of wandering.


We also provide exercise programs indoors for residents to participate in. They have more opportunity when in the facility to utilize brain games to stimulate their minds and to have relaxing experiences like painting.


Especially for individuals reaching the limit of their cognitive functions, having sensory activities can be stimulating and enjoyable. Listening to music and live performances as well as massage or aromatherapy can be integral to memory care in late stages.

Connect With Us

Maintaining cognitive function, allowing for individualized care, and making the hard process of dementia care easier is what our purpose is as a luxury memory care facility. We want to offer more than basic memory care services; we want to have residents safe, cared for, and happy from the move in process onwards.

The assistance we provide can give caregivers and their families respite and ensure their loved one can still get care. Care that they are able to check on and be part of. Our resources for each resident help them be part of a community and be as well as they can be.

If you are looking for a location with amazing security programs, state-of-the-art technology, and real care for all forms of dementia, consider all that is offered here at Welbrook Senior Living.

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