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Signs of Aging in Your Elderly Relatives to Watch For

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  • Signs of Aging in Your Elderly Relatives to Watch For

The aging process is challenging for many people. Although still young in their minds, people feel trapped in a body that no longer cooperates. Seniors and their loved ones must learn to recognize the signs of aging problems. When multiple problems occur, seniors may no longer be able to live alone and may require integrative therapy that treats their condition. 

What Are the Signs of Aging That Cannot Be Ignored?

Everyone ages differently. Although most people over 65 experience mild memory loss, when it is coupled with other issues, dementia may be present. Those who develop cognitive decline often need to join a senior living community to get the help they need. 

Many signs can develop, informing individuals there is a problem with a senior living alone. Do not ignore these warning signs because they will likely only worsen. Prompt intervention can protect a senior’s health and slow the progression of serious cognitive decline and memory loss associated with dementia and other similar diseases. 

The Senior Has Developed Mobility Issues

Problems with mobility can arise slowly or with little warning. Suddenly, seniors become a fall risk and develop issues being able to transverse their homes or the outside world. As people age, vision loss and balance concerns make mobility problems arise. Ask the following questions to determine if a senior is having mobility concerns. 

  • Do they struggle with sitting or standing?
  • Does the senior rock back and forth in their chair before arising?
  • Does the senior appear unsteady on their feet?
  • Has the senior fallen recently?

Mobility issues cannot be ignored. Seniors can be in great danger from falls because they can break a bone. Broken hips are common among the elderly. When seniors break a hip, they may need to seek senior living in Santa Monica, CA

Seniors May Have Changes in Their Appearance

When a senior loved one is no longer looking after themselves, this should send a warning to loved ones. Some seniors become depressed and no longer take care of themselves appropriately. Cognitive declines can also lead to problems with appearance. Have loved ones noticed the following?

  • Are they losing weight quickly without obvious reasons?
  • Does their clothing look dirty, rumpled, or damaged?
  • Do they have an odor? Do they appear unclean?
  • Is their clothing wet or out of season?
  • Have they developed bruises and other injuries?

When seniors can no longer care for themselves appropriately, they may no longer be able to live alone. Entering a program that fosters senior health and wellness is critical for helping seniors cope with changes to their cognitive function that prevent them from living alone safely. 

Seniors Sometimes Develop Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes are of particular concern because these commonly occur in conjunction with dementia diseases. While it is normal for older people to have bouts of depression, anxiety, and worry, some behavioral changes are of more concern, including those below. Be alert to the warning signs, and do not ignore them. 

  • Are the house and yard suddenly unkempt?
  • Is a normally active senior suddenly sleeping a lot during the day?
  • Does the senior forget to take medications?
  • Does the senior forget to pay bills?

When behavioral changes arise, loved ones must take action and go to the doctor with the senior to determine the causes. Getting integrative help is critical for the senior’s well-being. 

Scary Driving Behaviors

As seniors grow older, they may be unable to drive safely. Vision loss, spacial issues, and memory declines all play a role in preventing seniors from driving safely. As the problem progresses, seniors can cause harm to themselves and others on the road. 

Get Help for Cognitive Decline and Memory Loss

Many adult children and loved ones of seniors worry about changes in their behavior. If loved ones suspect dementia, taking prompt action is critical. Waiting too long to seek intervention can lead to increased dangers and injuries. 

Thankfully, there are many senior communities that offer memory care services to help seniors dealing with dementia. Seniors with dementia may be unable to live alone safely because of their reduced cognitive function. Placement in the right community allows seniors to enjoy living life to the fullest without the constraints presented to them by their mental health disease. 

Welbrook Santa Monica provides an enriching and beautiful environment that engages the minds of seniors and promotes good physical, mental, and emotional health. We treat our senior residents like family and enjoy seeing them live life to the fullest. We also offer services for those with dementia and other cognitive diseases. 

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